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What’s a Baby and Child up to 6 years old session like? 

It’s such a cute age, but a baby can also be an emotional sponge: they understand a lot of things and since they can’t express themselves, they can quickly become imbalanced. Their sleep, their good mood can become disturbed...

They have so many things to say. What about having me interpret? There’s no need to know how to talk as the body is a wonderful confident.

Kinesiology is good for babies starting at birth. Up until the age of around 6, I have the parent come into the session with me to do muscle testing. It’s known as transfer work. At the beginning of the session, I anchor the fact that we’re work in transfer with the mother or the father for their child.


Unlike an older child, it’s a little more difficult for a little one, if not impossible, if they don’t yet speak well enough to be able to express what they feel and put words to it. After all, it’s not even easy for school-aged children, teenagers or adults to be able to put words to their emotions and feelings!

Muscle testing allows me to investigate and find what is hiding behind the child’s difficult behaviours: shouting, crying, rejections, etc.

You could say that this method gives children a voice so they can be heard. We’ll be able to understand how the child feels, what they need to express and help them with their needs.


The kinesiology session will bring about awareness and release the blockage thanks to the balancing required by the body to put all of its energy back into circulation.

Working in tandem in transfer with a parent on behalf of the child is particularly interesting because it makes it possible to investigate both the feelings and emotions specific to the child and those that the child could express for the parent. In traditional Chinese medicine, in fact, children remain in their mother’s energy bubble until the age of 7.


So, what could be better than understanding your little explorer?

PLEASE NOTE: Do not force your child to do it even if he/she is still quite young. Take the time to explain what’s going to happen and why.

Your child can of course bring in their favourite toys for our session. Teddy bears, dolls and little cars are all welcome! It’s important for them to feel secure. And if they can play peacefully during the session, it will allow me to more easily work in transfer with the parent.


Even if a light version, the session will be structured very much like an adult session as I work through the parent’s body.

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Rates and support

A kinesiology session for babies and children usually lasts about 30-45 min.


The number of sessions depends on the objective, just a few sessions are often enough.


Sessions are normally spaced out every 2 to 3 weeks which corresponds to the “integration period”.

Price: 50€

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