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Who am I ?

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After graduated from the European Institute of Kinesiology, a school that is certified by the French Kinesiology Federation, I’ve continued to be interested in different alternative methods and, in particular, emotional release.


Nowadays, I put all of my experience, my knowledge, my hyper-sensitivity and my creativity into offering adapted support for each individual.

An illness, any kind of symptom, malaise and anxiety are all messages of an internal imbalance. It’s not about fighting against it, but rather listening, understanding, releasing and moving forward to take control of your life.


My consultations revolve around 2 questions:  

What is your goal for change?

What is the source of the blockage?  


The solution can already be found within you. The purpose of the sessions is to remove all the obstacles hindering you from fully using your own potential.

By releasing your restrictive emotions and beliefs, you’ll be able to more clearly view your choices and motivations. You’ll regain your own power and energy to decisively decide what is best for you and what changes you’d like to make in your life!

Qui suis-je ?
Champ de pavot
Sessions for what?
Séance et tarif
Séance de Kinésiologie
Sessions for who?

It was while helping adults that I realized exactly to what point blockage, trauma and stress can be anchored within for such a long time and how much easier it is to let go of all that emotional baggage while still a child. That’s why I’m interested in helping even the youngest find their emancipation. Just one session can make all the difference!

Adults, Pregnant women, Teenagers, Children and even Babies through a transfer technique involving one of the Parent: Kinesiology for everyone!

What is kinesiology?


Etymologically "the science of movement", kinesiology is a mind and body rebalancing technique that allows you to regain your physical, emotional, mental and energy balance.


It is a gentle therapeutic method  which combines different techniques to highlight your potential while releasing the blockage within which is the source of malaise.  


It may be connected to your job, your family, your social life...

It is just as associated with thousand-year-old traditional Chinese medicine techniques as it is with recent research in neurology.


I use muscle testing to question the body’s memory and find out where all the states of stress are. As an interpreter and with some help from different tools, I listen to the body and find the source of the imbalance. Thus, removing all the energy and emotional barriers. Your behaviour can change more in line with your deepest self.

La Kinésiologie
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Muscle testing

Muscle testing, like the explorer's compass, is essential to my work. It consists in evaluating the tone of a muscle by opposing a light pressure to the contraction while testing a possible stress factor. Stress weakens muscle tone. The muscles are then emptied of their energy and unlock, hence the expressions “my jaw dropped” and “my legs turned to jelly”.

Whether related to the present, the past or the future, this test allows access to the deepest part of our being.

Champ de blé

My therapeutic vision

I have spent the last six years observing and learning to better understand all the general and most subtle aspects of human beings.

Self-discovery seems essential to me to better understand our patterns of restrictive beliefs in order to transform them or free ourselves from them. Self-recognition reveals previously hidden resources.


Human alchemy seems so subtle to me that it requires equally subtle tools.  

Touch for Health, Brain Gym, Age Recession, Bach Flowers, Essential Oils, Creative Visualization....

I have more than one tool in my bag!


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