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Féminin sacrée

About Me

After more than 10 years in web marketing with an international company, I felt like a page was turning without really knowing which direction it was all taking. Calling everything into question, I couldn’t go back anymore yet I was having a hard time moving forward. That was when I met a kinesiologist and gradually started putting all the pieces into place again. And it was all thanks to my body, a partner I had completely overlooked for so many years as I had put all my trust into my mind.


This incredible introspection allowed me to understand patterns of thought, all the false beliefs and all the different masks people put on over the years. All these buried emotions make it difficult to make progress that aligns with our inner selves. The more I got into it, the more interested I became. It’s become a real passion. And my hyper-sensitivity is now a strength.


The one thing I’ve really come to understand is that the body never lies!

Sharing my experience and guiding people through their emancipation, all while respecting their uniqueness and own experiences, has proven this.​

After receiving a diploma from the European Institute of Kinesiology in 2018 (600 hours over 2 years) I finally found my calling: helping people with their own blockages by taking into account the physical, emotional, mental and energetic dimensions.

In addition, I took Reiki training which allowed me to develop more subtle energy protocols.  

Looking forward to accompanying you!

Qui suis-je ?
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