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What’s an adult session like?

1. Welcome and Anamnesis

Let’s get to know each other! The beginning of the session is a privileged moment of exchange so we can get to know each other. You’ll explain the reasons for your visit, your personal situation and what you feel is blocking you. The main question is: What do you expect from the session? This will allow us to define your goal together. What kind of change would you like to see in your life? Establishing a clear, positive and active goal is essential to bringing meaning and direction to the session and it allows you to see how I can guide you towards achieving your goal.

2. Body rebalancing 

For a gentle and in-depth transformation, I believe it’s essential to start by rebalancing and strengthening the body, the centre of all memories. For the rest of the session, you’ll lie down on a massage table. With muscle testing, I get an energy report to be able to find the energy imbalances and states of stress related to the goal being worked on during the session. I then apply rebalancing protocols, mostly from Chinese medicine and new neuro-science techniques, to boost your system.


3. Release of the blockage from the past


Once the body has been boosted, I’ll start looking for the source of the blockage. At what age was the emotion caused? Releasing the old to bring in the new. For more information on my therapeutic tools, please click here.

4. Anchoring and integration  


To finish up, I re-test the balancing and release protocols that were initially “weak” so the body can become aware of the before and after: all tests must come out strong by the end of the session!


And in order to reinforce the integration work, ongoing support in the comfort of your home:


- I send you a recap  of the session on WhatsApp for full awareness of the work done in the session.


- I prepare a personalized bottle of Bach Flowers during the session so the emotional release achieved can be maintained.  


- I select an essential oil and give it to you in an inhaler to keep in your pocket for a little olfactory comfort whenever you need it!


- I send you the positive affirmations from the session so you can repeat them every single day to make your body vibrate.


- And I offer you guided meditations or other personal development exercises to strengthen your mental clarity, alleviation and inner change. ​


There’s no obligation. It’s just advice. The most important thing is to listen to yourself!

Séance et tarif
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Rates and support

A kinesiology session usually lasts about an hour (an hour and a half for the first session).


The number of sessions depends on the goal and your own personal story as every individual is unique. Listen to yourself.

Just a few sessions are often enough. Sessions are normally spaced out every 2 to 3 weeks which corresponds to the “integration period”.

Price: 70€

Contact me

C. de Pere IV, 77, 1-1, 08018 Barcelona, Spain

Thank you for what you sent !

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