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What is kinesiology?

Anne-Laure Sauvadet - Kinésiologue

Etymologically “the science of movement”, kinesiology is a mind and body rebalancing technique that allows you to regain your physical, emotional, mental and energy balance.


It’s a gentle therapeutic method which, when combined with different techniques, can highlight all the good you have in you while releasing the blockage within which is the source of all the obstacles to harmony. It may be connected to your job, your family or your personal life. It is just as associated with thousand-year-old traditional Chinese medicine techniques as it is with recent recent in neurology.

Kinesiology is based on the following principle: the body records even the littlest of details in life. In fact, we are constantly receiving information about our environment and about who we are.

And the tension in the body is often a manifestation of our conflicts, blockage, inner stiffness and trauma. These manifestations can be recent or accumulate over long periods of time.
The higher the emotional load in any information we receive, the greater the tendency to relegate it to our subconscious. And the constant effort draws on our reserves of vital energy.All this tension can be a great opportunity for us to become aware through the body’s memory: it allows us to get to the source in order to resolve it.

When the body is silent: you feel cramped, tight, with the impression of being cut off from your sensations and your needs. This creates conflict, communication difficulties, fears, anxiety, the impression of going around in circles, of being a prisoner of repetitive patterns, guilt, devaluation ...

By releasing your restrictive emotions and beliefs, you’ll be able to more clearly view your choices and motivations. You’ll regain your own power and energy to decisively decide what is best for you and how you would like to change your life!


How does the kinesiologist have access to the body's memories? It is thanks to muscle testing that he can “hear” what the body is saying and find harmony .

La Kinésiologie
Kinésiologie - Test musculaire

Muscle testing

Muscle testing, like the explorer's compass, is essential to my work. It consists in evaluating the tone of a muscle by opposing a light pressure to the contraction while testing a possible stress factor. Stress weakens muscle tone. The muscles are then emptied of their energy and unlock, hence the expressions “my jaw dropped” and “my legs turned to jelly”.

Whether related to the present, the past or the future, this test allows access to the deepest part of our being.

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