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Sessions for who?
Ma pratique

My practice

I have spent the last six years observing and learning to better understand all the general and most subtle aspects of human beings including myself.


Self-discovery seems essential to me to better understand our patterns of restrictive beliefs in order to transform them or free ourselves from them. Self-recognition reveals previously hidden resources.

Nowadays, I put all of my experience, my knowledge, my hyper-sensitivity and my creativity into offering adapted support for each individual.

Human alchemy seems so subtle to me that it requires equally subtle tools.  

"  Treat the cause, not the effect.  »

Dr. Edward Bach

My tools

Touch For Health

Health through touch is the very essence of kinesiology. It is based on the relationship between the muscular system and all the other systems of the body (meridians, organs, emotions).

Thanks to the muscle test, I can establish an energy balance and see the energy imbalances attached to the objective that we are working on during the  session. I then apply release protocols, mostly from Chinese medicine, to rebalance the person's energy system.

Age Regression and visualization

Using muscle testing, I can determine at what age a particular emotion linked to the session goal was formed. Balancing is achieved in connection with that age. One of the tools I most often use is visualization: for example, reconnecting to one’s inner child to listen and console it or recreating the story of an event to release the stress caused by it. The power of imagination and intention have a real impact on wellbeing.

The Three in One Concepts

This means bringing the body, mind and spirit back together. This holistic method, which is aimed at the emotional system, corrects any energy blockage from the present, releases the belief system from the past and increases the level of awareness to have freedom of choice in the future.

This technique uses tools such as the Behavioral Barometer® or the Age Regression.

Bach Flowers

It was love at first sight, from the approach to the effects. I use them systematically during my sessions. There are 38 flowers, which accurately target each emotional state. An English doctor in the 1930s, Dr Edward Bach was convinced there was no simple method for healing because the aim is not to cure a disease, but rather to cure a person holistically as everything is connected: the body, the mind, emotions and energy.

The Brain Gym

Brain Gym is a tool that allows me to “bring out” the potential in each individual. The exercises we do release the learning abilities blocked by all the stress and uncertainty that a new task brings. It’s all about stimulating 3 dimensions of the body and brain: laterality (communication), centring (organization), focalization (understanding).​​

Essential oils

I also use essential oils to guide you through Age Regression. It offers endless possibilities for getting into the depths of the brain structure. The sense of smell is directly linked to emotions, which makes it a remarkable tool for post-session release and support much like a comforting blanket.

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