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What’s a child session like?
from 6/7 years old 

People say that childhood is carefree, but sometimes reality catches up with them...


It’s hardly uncommon for children to have their own readings of certain events they experience or those around them experience. And sometimes it's a challenge for them to trust in someone to empty out their little hearts. What if they hurt you? What if you are disappointed? So, they prefer to remain silent and that’s when small imbalances arise.

When it’s important to help your child:

  • difficulty falling asleep, sleeping at night, fear of the dark, fear of the night, in short all the little fears children may have.

  • difficulties separating from the mother, a fusional relationship with the parent.

  • a difficult birth (caesarean section, long delivery, etc.)

  • fear of abandonment, non-recognition, a feeling of injustice.

  • jealousy and possessiveness towards siblings, difficulty finding one's place in the family, a refusal to share.

  • insecurity, fear of noise, fear of acting, a need to cling to an adult.

  • difficulty defending oneself, a lack of self-confidence, withdrawal, difficulty expressing oneself and repressing one's emotions.

  • anger, aggression towards others.

  • a fear of the unknown and of change, a need for rituals in order to feel secure. difficult concentrating, feeling motivated for school, school phobia.

  • difficulties with rules (limits) and authority, a spirit of contradiction an inability to settle down, channel oneself, a need to get attention through their behavior. stuttering, nail biting, ticks, an addiction to video games.

  • difficulties eating, a fear of vomiting.

  • bedwetting, constipation. etc.

  • etc


Kinesiology techniques are great for releasing them from the stress. It’s often quite fun!

Unless they are quite young or it’s necessary, I prefer to work alone with the child when they are at least 6 or 7 years old. The child can choose and mummy and daddy won’t be far away.


After the session, he/she will go home with a few exercices to play every day. The goal is for the child to fix things after I listen to you. Sometimes something may not seem like anything at first glance and his or her wishes may seem incidental to you, but a problem with a friend at school can be the door to something deeper. It's sometimes surprising when we accept what they want and then see how they evolve and change. Trust your child!

PLEASE NOTE: Do not force your child to do it even if he/she is still quite young. Take the time to explain what’s going to happen and why. The ingredient to a successful session is being prepared in advance!

My little toolbox for your child includes drawing, breathing, visualization, Bach flowers and BRAIN GYM.

BRAIN GYM is a method that’s specifically adapted for children. The exercises involve simple and fun movements that help your children face their learning difficulties, attention deficit or emotions. They allow him/her to train their brain function, improve their concentration and coordination and integrate new things more easily in order to live in a more balanced way.

And for ongoing support in the comfort of your home:


- I prepare a personalized bottle of Bach Flowers during the session to maintain their emotional release (put a few drops under their tongue in times of stress).


- I select an essential oil and give it to him/her in an inhaler to keep in their pocket for a little olfactory comfort. They love it! ​


- I suggest one or two Brain Gym exercises to do at home.

Séance et tarif
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Rates and support

A kinesiology session for children usually lasts about 30-45 min.


The number of sessions depends on the objective, just a few sessions are often enough.


Sessions are normally spaced out every 2 to 3 weeks which corresponds to the “integration period”.

Price: 50€

Contact me

C. de Pere IV, 77, 1-1, 08018 Barcelona, Spain

Thank you for what you sent !

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