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💛💙 Kinesiology for adolescents 💙💛

Françoise Dolto once described adolescents as “lobster” molting 🦞.

They’ve shed their first skin and are going through a period of great vulnerability before producing their new skin.

Why come see me?

If your child feels bad about him/herself, has relationship difficulties, is shy, doesn't like school, has mood swings, is aggressive, stressed about exams, has trouble managing his/her emotions, struggles to take action, shows signs of self-doubt, can't get organized, feels rejected, has OCD, eating disorders, etc.

How can I help him or her?

The aim of my support is to allow him/her to reconnect with their body and feelings, to develop their creativity and accept what’s special about them and their uniqueness. That way he/she can do some self-rebuilding and reaffirmation in a safe environment.

What if he/she doesn’t talk much?

It’s no problem as the body quickly tells all through the muscle testing I use.

Kinesiology for adolescents
Kinesiology for adolescents

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